Confidentiality & Your rights

Young people from the age of 14 (sometimes younger) are able to see a doctor or health care worker confidentially and make decisions about their health if the doctor thinks they can understand their health problems and the treatment options. Sometimes the doctor will encourage young people to involve their parent or guardian – if so they will discuss this with you first.

You have the right to…

  • see a doctor/health worker that you trust who respects your opinion
  • ask for someone else’s opinion
  • have your information kept private (there are exceptions where your safety or the safety of others are at risk, your doctor/health worker should explain this. If not, ask them to)
  • ask any questions and get information in words you understand
  • ask for an interpreter
  • get important information written down for you to take home
  • change your mind and stop any treatment
  • have a friend or family member with you when seeing the doctor/health worker
  • ask about costs, side effects and different choices for treatment